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The Kawa Series is a collection of porcelain objects that are made by casting liquid clay into leather molds. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and made by hand at Luft Tanaka's Brooklyn studio. To learn more about the Kawa Series, visit the Process page.

Limited Edition Vases 01

Limited Edition Vases 01


This set of 5 vases requires the most technical, detail-oriented work of any object in the Kawa Series. Each vase requires a complex mold - some with over 30 pieces of leather. Once cast each leather panel is delicately removed resulting in this expressive and highly-unique set of limited edition vases.

Designed in 2016
Edition of 12 sets.
Each set includes 5 vases.

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White Porcelain with clear glazed interior


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From tallest to shortest:
4.5" dia. x 14.5" /12cm dia. x 37cm
5" dia. x 11" / 13cm dia. x 28cm
4" dia. x 9.5" / 10cm dia. x 24cm
3.5" dia. x 7" / 9cm dia. x 18cm
3.5" dia. x 5" / 9cm dia. x 13cm