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The Kawa Series is a collection of porcelain objects that are made by casting liquid clay into leather molds. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and made by hand at Luft Tanaka's Brooklyn studio. To learn more about the Kawa Series, visit the Process page.

Pair of Kawa Vases - SAMPLE

Pair of Kawa Vases - SAMPLE

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Understated, refined, and unique, the Kawa Vases are a perfect accent for a credenza, bookshelf, or kitchen. Use individually for a subtle accent or as a pair for a little more flair.

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White Porcelain with clear glazed interior


These pieces are production samples. The small vases are in pretty nice condition but have Luft’s old identification marks on the bottom. The set of 2 includes a medium vase that has 2 small cracks that won’t expand any further and are not very noticeable unless you’re closely examining it.

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3.5" dia. x 6.5" h / 9cm dia. x 16.5cm h

3.5" dia. x 8.5" h / 9cm dia. x 21.5cm h

Photo by Courtney Reagor

Photo by Courtney Reagor